O’Sullivans By The Mill, 92 bis bd de Clichy - Paris

Ocie Elliott compose songs that seem inhabited. You can feel their memories, moments and emotions in the dusty acoustic guitars, sleek production and graceful harmonies of Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy. Their experience as a couple is reflected in a living, breathing vision of 21st-century folk, amplified by alternative nuances and an understated pop edge. Having amassed hundreds of millions of streams and received widespread recognition, the JUNO Award-nominated band takes another step forward together with their EP “Know The Night“, due for release on November 23, 2023.

“Each of us brings different elements to the table,” notes Jon. “From the first time we sang together, we instantly felt it was great. Sierra pushes me to become a better lyricist. There was a connection and synergy when we started harmonizing, and it’s only gotten stronger.”

As a result, they have become a striking presence as a band.

After spending much of 2022 on the road playing their “What Remains” EP and writing in the meantime, the musicians entered the studio in 2023 with John Raham as engineer to record “Know The Night”. Throughout the process, the EP’s central theme crystallized. “The link between many of the songs is the exploration of light and darkness within us,” notes Sierra.

Catch Ocie Elliott on stage at Backstage by the Mill on May 7, 2024.